Monday, March 10, 2014

Project Life 2013: Week 52 Part 2

And that's Project Life 2013 complete.

If you remember the last project life post I shared was Week 48. That's because week's 49 through the first half of week 52 were my December Daily which I already shared. If you missed those posts, click on the december daily link and you can see them now.

For the first half of Week 52 I continued the December Daily format I was using through Christmas Day. However, after Christmas I was sick of the holiday supplies + wanted to return to my normal format to round out the album. This also gave me an opportunity to take a couple days off from creating + fit the rest of the year into a one page spread. Although the 30-31st were technically in the next week, I just squished them into Week 52 to end the album on the 31st.

Here is the full page:

December 30th is Phillip's birthday so I took him out to dinner. This week I also enjoyed a lot of TV [really relaxing on break], Phillip got his first business card as an attorney, and we celebrated New Year's Eve. For this page I used a card from the Jade Edition + used papers + embellishments from studio calico's double scoop + antiquary scrapbook kits.

The "Happy Holidays + a Joyful New Year" was actually cut from a Christmas card I received, that plus "the best is yet to come" Silhouette cut I made really made this page feel like a good end. If you're wondering what I put on the back of this page, it matches the back of my 2014 cover page you can see in this post. The only difference is this one is white on pink, rather than black on white, text from studio calico's printshop collection.

I'm so happy I finished this project 100% without ever really getting behind or giving up! That's so not something I typically do. Now I'm well into my 2014 Project Life album + will begin sharing January's pages soon :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Life 2013: Week 48

Week 48 was the week of Thanksgiving, putting up the Christmas tree + welcoming the holiday season. Because I decided to include my December Daily in my Project Life album this year, this spread was the beginning of that with December 1st. However, the entire week wasn't in December, so I decided to just introduce my December supplies with the weekly title card + then only follow the daily format for December 1st.

As you can see in more detail in this post, I created a Winter manifesto for December 1st [I did all except for 2 of the things on the list, and considering I'm sooo sick of winter now I don't even really want to do those right now!].

Here is the left side:

During this week I really started to get busy with finals + holiday prep, and then I got caught up in my December Daily, so I didn't actually create this spread until the end of December. Typically I like to create my Project Life spreads during the week or immediately after so memories are fresh in my mind, but that wasn't an option here. Because I knew that was going to happen, I made sure to follow my weekly process and got at least steps 1 & 2 taken care of before I forgot too much. Then I created a simple "week in review" card, and when I went back to fill in the rest of the week I was able to use that as a reference.

Here is the right side:

As you can see, a lot of my pockets are very simple and I'm okay with that. Sometimes I feel like creating more and other times I just want to get the project done, but either way I end up with a completed album documenting our lives and I love that. In addition to starting my December supplies, I used a lot of the 5th & Frolic edition [exclusive to Michael's] and Maggie Holmes Flea Market mini kit.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Project Life 2013: Week 47 [[And My Weekly Process]]

By this point in the year I had a very clear routine to creating my Project Life spreads. And, although I switched to monthly spreads for 2014, my method worked really well [in fact, I'm having trouble adjusting to monthly, but more about that later]. So, I decided this week instead of just sharing my spread, I'd share how I made it. I typically spread out work on a layout over a few days, working in short segments rather than all at once. This just works best with my schedule + is one of the reasons why Project Life works so well for me...working on 1 or 2 pockets at once is so much more manageable than a full page spread!

Step 1: During the Week
During the week I make a conscious effort to take photos + jot down notes. I know this is a hard habit to create, but once you get used to it, it just comes naturally. To make it easier, I keep a notebook open on my desk corner that has my planning page for the week's spread on it [see step 2], everyday I took a minute or two to add a few notes to the page. I also rely on my planner, instagram + facebook for a record of things that happened in case I forgot a day or two.

Step 2: Planning the Page
At the end of the week, typically Sunday night [my weeks were Monday-Sunday], I would sit down and sketch out what I want my page to look like. At this point in time I would flip through all my photos for the week on my computer and make a note of the ones I wanted to use + what size I wanted them. On a mini-sketch of the spread I would draw in where everything would go.

Step 3: Initial cards + design
I would finally open my album + flip through my stash to determine what I wanted to use. I typically will start with one kit or paper pad and then add from there. This week I started with the Maggie Holmes Flea Market Edition, but I added cards from 5th & Frolic, Studio Calico, homemade cards, and papers from studio calico's printshop. Then I will slip the cards/papers into pockets where I think they will go. The empty pockets are for full pocket photos.

Step 4: Photos
Then I will edit my photos using photoshop and then print at home. Sometimes I simply just crop + resize photos, but usually I will add some filters/brushes. This week I did quite a few, and used templates [made by me] to create a collage + a polaroid. I will then cut the photos apart and slip them into their correct pockets, not gluing them down, just so they are in the pockets. I will also add any memorabilia I collected to the pockets in this way, this week I just didn't happen to have any.

Step 5: Additional Cards, printables + cut files
Sometimes I will make my own cards, printables or cut files to use on the page. This week I made the water color card that says "photo op". Depending on how creative I feel or how much time I want to devote to the week I will adjust this portion of my process. Some weeks I create multiple things on the computer to use, others I do none.

Step 6: Journaling
I will try to do the journaling as early as possible so that I don't forget what I'm going to say throughout the process. Sometimes I will do it before this point, as you can see above I wrote out a "week in review" card fairly early in the process. This is just because it takes me days to complete a spread and I want to get this written down asap.

Step 7: Decorate Each Card
I decorate 1 or 2 cards in a sitting, depending on how much time I have. It's super easy when I have things slipped into the pockets already so you can just pull them out when you want to work on it. I also have a small bin of my go to supplies if I want to work in front of the tv or without pulling tons of stuff out I will just use that. For a better idea of my supply organization see my craft room tour.

And here's how the full spread turned out:

And for a closer look, here's the left side:

And the right side:

Thanks for visiting!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Project Life 2013: Week 46

Week 46 was another one page spread opposite Week 45 + not a lot happened. So I kept the spread pretty simple and just included some everyday life photos. A slow week is a good place to take note of just the random little bits in life. For me this week it was a selfie on the train, my observations about a new tower that was recently built on Columbus Circle, the fun 11-12-13 date, and a new drink I tried.

Here's the full page:

I mixed & matched a lot of pieces from my stash to create this spread including paper from studio calico's printshop collection, the Flea Market mini kit + the 5th & Frolic edition.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Snow Go Away!

So I took an impromptu break from my blog, sorry about that. But I was struck down with the flu! Ick. Plus, we've been having crazy weather which is not good for me trying to get better. It's cold! We also had 3 snow days in the past 2 weeks, and that was good to have the break, but I'm tired of having to make up work or work from home. Right now we have over a foot of snow on the ground, thanks to Wednesday's snowstorm. I went outside once it died down a bit to take a photo of our car, and I decided to wear rain boots thinking they would keep my feet dry. But nope, the snow was deeper than my boots and just went right over the top!

I finally made it around the building to photograph the car, but I couldn't get a straight on shot because the snow had piled up even deeper there and there was no way I was going to walk in that! It took 30 minutes to dig the car out on Thursday morning. As you probably know, I commute to school by taking the metronorth train down alongside the Hudson River to Grand Central. Then from there, I take the shuttle train from Grand Central to Times Square, then the 1 train to Columbus Circle where my school is. So there I go on my long trek to school in the freezing cold snow, and what did they do?! They changed the ads on the on of the shuttle trains and now it is plastered with gorgeous photos of golf courses and palm trees and it says "Scottsdale, Arizona. Where the average temperature in the winter is 72 and sunny." Ugh, I was already homesick. Winter, you suck.

Ice crashing up on the side of the Hudson River, photo taken from the train

Snow causing the first snow day right outside Grand Central Station

The view of Inwood, Manhattan across the Harlem River from Spuyten Duyvil in the Bronx in the early morning, photo taken from the train

Sunset over Peekskill, New York and the floating ice on the Hudson River, photo taken from the train

I've been dreaming of warmer weather... but meanwhile, if I can get over my frozen fingers + toes and all the snow everywhere, winter is kinda pretty.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Project Life 2013: Week 45

Week 45 was one of those weeks filled with lots of ordinary, everyday moments, but nothing too exciting. However, I absolutely love how the page turned out + I love looking back on it and remembering all the sweet little moments of my everyday life. This is one of the reasons I love Project Life!

Here is the full page:

For this spread I used mainly cards from the Maggie Holmes Flea Market Mini Kit, which I've decided isn't really my style, but it works for me if I just use a couple of cards on a spread. I also added papers from studio calico's printshop collection which has pretty much been a go to staple for me since I got it.

This week I was pretty busy at school so I added a card about my journal work + included a couple of boring photos from the journal process. The photos themselves weren't super exciting, so I made them small and made the focus of the card on the words + embellishments.

I also added some random moments to my spread: my new coat, my first Starbucks red cup of the season + a balloon display in Grand Central.

The main reason this week makes me smile is because Phillip + I carved out time from our busy schedules to spend time together, including a dinner date night [at a restaurant which turned out to suck, but spending the time together was still a fun memory!] + a coffee, doughnuts + cards Sunday afternoon. It's amazing how the littlest things turn into the best memories :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Project Life: Weekly Title Cards

One thing I've seen lots of Project Lifer's who create their album weekly struggling with are weekly title cards. However, I loved creating my weekly title cards, in fact sometimes they were my favorite part of the weekly spread to create. They gave me a chance to just create with really no rules--the only thing I needed was to get the title "Week number" and the date range on the card. I gave myself a restriction that I was always going to do the date range with my roller date stamp in black ink, but everything else was changeable.

So, for this post I thought I would share some of my favorite weekly title cards from 2013 [some of them I haven't shared yet, eek!] in hopes you will find some inspiration. It took me awhile to find my groove in creating these cards, so most of my favorites are from later in the year.

Unlike the rest of the spread, I can create weekly title cards whenever the mood strikes--weeks later [because there's no risk of forgetting what happened], or even weeks in advance. The title card is also a great opportunity to tie together the colors + themes from the weekly spread. If you're worried about getting behind, the title cards are a great way to get on them a month at a time!

I usually chose the background for my card first. Sometimes I used Becky Higgins or Studio Calico cards that were created for this purpose, but I also liked to just use patterned paper, or even just plain cardstock. I also occasionally used a photo as my base if I just had a ton to include that week.

I typically created my title card physically, but sometimes I would do some hybrid scrapbooking and print out the card with decorations or words already in place. For the title I used a lot of thickers, other stickers, stamps, my silhouette, paint, pens and even stitching.

My favorite embellishments to use were washi tape, printable labels, smaller items like brads, sequins + enamel dots, wood veneers to add texture, and all sorts of other bits + pieces. I like to create a variety of textures, so I typically start with flat items like stamps + paper, then build up from there. The title card is a great place to tie in supplies you are using throughout your spread + to have fun!

How do you create your title cards?